Humphrey Could Have But Didn't

And this is my last nod of the day to 420! Good afternoon and hopefully a much better evening 😉



Don’t Bogart That Joint by Little Feat



4 and 20


4 + 20 by CSN&Y

and Guinevere hath green eyes my lady like yours….

One For My Favorite Earth Supporter

Would seem that some people are jealous of Atlas and his new blog as he’s managed to receive over 10,000 hits in a week. Now who would be so petty?  They should listen to this song.


Neighbor, Neighbor by ZZ Top

I'm Back

Closed up Angels, as it really wasn’t what it once was, so I thought I’d just start it all over from scratch.

Going to be dedicating most posts to the “Dead Guy”,  see if we can’t get some interest going in him again. Used to be a blast!  All of my plans will probably change as they normally do but for now that’s where I’m headed.

I might just be waxing nostalgic and remembering the old days, but I want to say, what I want to say, when I want to say it, without wondering will it be allowed on FB, or any of the other sites that are around that are free.  I’d rather pay for hosting and own what’s mine when I feel like it.

So who knows what will happen here but you’ll never know, unless you come back to see.