Ten Of The Seventies Sexiest Songs

Where do I begin? With a memory I suppose. The only thing about that is where one memory ends another begins and I could be lost forever in the past. Especially in some of the memories these songs produce because these truly are ten of the seventies sexiest songs.

#1. I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick

 #2. Tonight’s The Night- Rod Stewart- 1976

An entire generation of guys had haircuts like Rod’s spiky do and the song gave them a new pick up line too. I know I heard it once or thrice.

#3. Lay Lady Lay- Bob Dylan- 1969

Yes, I know 1969 is not the Seventies but this was released in July of ’69 so there’s really not that much to quibble about, is there?

#4. Just Got Back From Baby’s- ZZ Top- 1971

What’s not sexy about “we been rolling all night long”? Not to mention that the beat is sexy as hell.  These Texas boys knew how to represent.

#5. Make It With You- Bread- 1970

OK OK I know when you think of this band, IF you’ve ever even heard of them you think sappy lyrics and too sweet chords but this song just has that certain something. I wouldn’t have minded hearing it sung to me.

#6. The Lemon Song- Led Zeppelin- 1969

OK, so I’m bringing in another one from the year before the seventies actually started, but there is no way I’m leaving this one out. Besides it was popular the entire year of 1970. Squeeze me baby!

#7. Love Ain’t For Keeping- The Who- 1971

This song has the actual power to send chills up my spine. Oh ya!

#8. Feel Like Making Love- Bad Company- 1975

I think the title pretty much says it all and needs no explanation.

#9. I Just Want To Make Love To You- Foghat- 1972

Another hard driving song telling you just what it is that is wanted.  Nothing like plain-spoken men to get a point across.


#10. Vladivostok- Prism- 1976

This is one of my all time favorite songs and it has one of the absolutely best lines I’ve ever heard in my life.  This would be one of the ones I’d have to have on a deserted desert island.

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past and the next time you’re feeling romantic, or even just in need, and someone needs a bit of gentle persuasion, pick one, it will work every time.