The Bible As Brick

I don’t know what I expected when I saw what appeared to be a picture of “The Last Supper”, but surely not what I found. It wasn’t a painting, as I’d thought, but a photograph of The Last Supper as depicted through the construction of a Lego build, which came from something titled “The Brick Bible: The Complete Set.”
lego of the last supper
I decided to investigate further and found a website dedicated to “The Brick Bible: The Complete Set” which is not just a site with pictures of Lego architecture, it’s a site that sells “Brick Bible” stories. The sets sell at Amazon for the low, low price of only $29.99, but do you think you get any actual Legos with that? NO. This is what you get, and remember, this is the COMPLETE set, both Old and New Testaments. 2 hardcover books, limited edition 2-sided poster, 2,000+ illustrations, and it has the following  content rating: older children, teens, and adults.

They do however have other series that are geared toward younger children, such as Noah’s Ark. I understand why the distinction in ages was necessary, as I can see young children not being able to understand such a difficult story as Adam being warned off of apples by a Lego God in a garden of Lego apple trees.


Not only do they have the entire Bible pictured in Lego form and its stories told in yet another translation to add to the who knows how many there have been to date,  they have a book titled, “Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents” by Brendan Powell Smith, who, I forgot to mention, is also the author and artist of the previous items. I would imagine it was quite an easy jump to make from the Bible to Presidential assassination attempts though, as one is probably about as believable and fact based as the other.

I do see one good thing in this whole unbelievable plastic construction though; and that is there are at least no real Legos to get left on the floor for someone to step on, which would probably lead them to start yelling the main character’s name in the first set of books, with some added emphasis.
At the moment there is no association between the author of the books and the LEGO Group but I can imagine only too vividly, “Evangelicals”, close on the heels of “Bionicles”.
Jesus wept.

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