Mother Daughter Connection

My daughter, Stephanie, normally keeps in fairly close touch with me and calls at least every other day. You might say then that what just now happened is not that unusual but it happens way too often to be coincidental as far as I’m concerned.

The boys have a bad habit of leaving the phone wherever they finished their last conversation. They’ll get a call and then go wandering from room to room with the phone and then if they’re in the kitchen when their conversation ends, they’ll leave the phone on the counter or the kitchen table. They’ll leave it on their bed, on the floor by their bed, under their bed, you name it.HandSetBwShadow
A few minutes ago I asked my son Sam, “Where’s the phone?” He said, “I don’t know” which is usually what they tell me, and then the next instant, the phone rang so it was easy to trace to the kitchen where whoever had it last left it. Who should be on the other end but Stephanie? This happens ALL the time. I’ll be in here on the computer, or watching television or be involved in any number of activities when I’ll think, where’s the phone, and within minutes of having the thought it will ring and Stephanie will be there.

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