So What IS The Deal?

I can tell by my site metrics and Google Analytics as well that I am receiving quite a few page views and most of you spend a decent amount of time here looking around, so tell me, why doesn’t anyone comment on anything, or participate in Dead Guy? That even pays to play.
Is it hard to figure out where to go to click to comment or something else standing in the way? I’m not being sarcastic here, (for a change) I’d really like to know why so quiet. If there’s any questions anyone has feel free to shoot me an email. Just CLICK HERE.


  1. Now that I am almost over my weekend-long (ok, week-long) migraine, I have been lax on commenting anywhere for a while. Not just here.

  2. I’m a hell of a one to be talking though right? Giggle I just have been so busy getting this site back up, and little John’s up and now I’m redoing Atlas’s. I knew you’d be around for Dead Guy though!

  3. And! Good to know your migraine is gone!

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