Hypnotic Animated Gif by Mat Lucas

This hypnotic animated gif by Mat Lucas is casually titled “gif-8”.  I finally DID find the Animation Shop that was bundled with the old Jasc Paint Shop Pro but I haven’t had any time to play.  There is a tutorial I want to make that will show you how to turn text into a flashing neon sign and when I made my first one it was with that program. The basic steps and principles will remain the same no matter what graphics or animation program you choose if you decide to try it when I finally get the chance to create something.  It will never be as detailed as this beautiful threaded orb but it’s cool nonetheless.

Beautiful rainbow colored animated rotating orb.


Mat Lucas works by day as a graphic designer and by night runs a Tumblr of experimental art called 89—A. He is based in the UK and rumor has it that many of his GIFs begin as a problem he’s facing while learning various graphics and video applications.  Those include  Cinema4D, After Effects, and Photoshop. The byproduct of his experimentation are often ethereal geometric forms that pulsate, rotate and contract in various hypnotic patterns. However they start out, they end up being pretty cool.  Enjoy!

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