Grandma Finally

Two of my favorite men!

Two of my favorite men!

January 23, 2013 if I’m not mistaken. LOL That’s when I finally became a grandmother. My daughter had her first child, Rory, at the age of 29. She waited one more year than I did, I had her, my first, when I was 28. That’s my older brother Mel holding him and it is their first time ever to meet. They both look satisfied to me.


  1. I know! They make the cutest couple. LOL

  2. I find it extremely Ironic that Rory has a shirt that says
    And I John Julian Eckert “the scribe” Quote.
    “Watch your mouth somethingsomethingsomething” around the world famous,
    Uncle Mel!
    Irony shared by dragons, They’re not extinct, they just evolved..

    • Yes-LOL Isn’t that darling?

      • Truly ?!/? Commenting.,,, This seems all too familiar.. Rapid visions of books with faces. Too many Faces, too many minds forgetting what Like Really means, It turned from a thought to an impulse,,, we must bring the pulse back. Take out IM and leave the pulse.. Now we revived Like? Can you do that? Why not..? Love yah
        Eh I guess got to show love, where it has been forgotten.. Or buried, at the end of the chase for the dragon he already found, and the hatchling he still hasn’t spoken to.

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