Gas Prices And The Greedy Oil Companies

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I looked at a lot of different views of this conglomeration and can’t really find one that shows the enormity of this facility.  I’ve seen parts of it nearly every single day for the past 44 years and am so used to seeing these glimpses I don’t even realize it’s there.  At least not until Wednesday morning when the warning sirens go off at 9am.  This refinery is the second largest in the United States.  I’m sure it was instrumental in helping ExxonMobil  garner blame for causing the rise in price of gasoline by having large corporate profits, which in turn has created the inflation we’re experiencing. That’s what the President of the country infers.

I decided to see which companies amassed the largest corporate profits in 2021.

ExxonMobil was number 9 on the list of the top ten.

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Does that make them and the other oil companies responsible for the high price of gas and the inflation derived from that?  Apple is the top earner.  Alphabet, or better known to you as Google, is in third place and in second is Berkshire Hathaway.  Does anyone have a clue about what these companies are and what they support?  I’m suggesting you check and see if any of their subsidiaries and what they provide could be connected to the present administration’s agenda. Then ask yourself why there’s no pointing of fingers in their direction, for adding to the price of a whole lot of life’s little necessities.

Here. I’ll be helpful and add a link to those that Berkshire Hathaway holds. SUBSIDIARIES

And here’s a link to  ALPHABET, and how many subs under those is anybody’s guess.

I wonder if the cost of advertisement raises the price of anything?

Why is it just the greedy oil companies that are being blamed for the high price of everything when ExxonMobil is the only one to have even made the top ten, but you’ll notice a couple of banks did and made more than ExxonMobil.  What’s up with that?

I’m not saying they didn’t make a load of dough but there are others that made so much more and if you really care you’ll dig deep enough to figure it all out.

Research people.

It will open your eyes.

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