The teepee walls were closing in-
You said, “Let’s take a ride.”
So you drove, and I rode
to a spot in the woods
and we walked until we sat.
On a log straddled facing
you kissed me and asked,
“Just how liberal are you?”
So we stood and then strolled
to a space in the trees
where the pine needles softened the ground;
and we touched and undressedteepee
made jokes about getting caught.
But all that was there
was your lust and my own,
the sun sifting through the leaves.
Just a short time we spent
but I felt gratified;
the ache of my thighs
and the ever so tiny scratches on my back.
You talked a little
of the land you might buy
and the cabin to be built there.
I laughed when you said
I could help build,
seeing as how we get along so well in the woods.

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