Moonshiners Should Be Moonlighters

I seriously don’t see how any of those guys on that show are doing that for a living successfully. I mean I really don’t have much appreciation for their intelligence or lack thereof. Tim, the guy that’s trying to go legal is about the only one I see on there that has much sense, well him, and the guy that almost didn’t talk to Tickle when Tickle came up to him out of the blue and started running on about making moonshine in a public setting. Tickle! It’s illegal son! That’s akin to asking someone is it OK to go pick mushrooms out of their cow pasture after a rainy spring night and not expecting anyone who were to overhear consider notifying their local police, not only on you, but on the cow pasture’s owner, if he didn’t take a mind to himself.
They seem to go through an awful lot of work for not much recompense and a whole lot of worry and trouble. Especially now that their faces are all over the television. Hmmmmmm? Are we really that naive? Be that as it may, I think the Moonshiners should only make liquor on a moonlighting schedule, because if what they’re showing on television is true, and YOU KNOW IT HAS TO BE, they can’t be making much of a real living cooking corn. Giggle.
Moonshine makes it better

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