Light a Fire With Water: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

The Instructables is a really nifty site and has all kinds of ideas for the consummate do-it-yourselfer.  All sorts of interesting projects there.  I found this one to be really cool.  It would be a good project to do with your children.

How to make fire with… water!

The principle is to use water as a Fresnel lens. It is not complicated, with a little training, we start a fire in 1 minute!

To start a fire you need 3 elements: an oxidizer, a fuel and an activation energy.
The oxidizer will be the oxygen contained in the air, the fuel will be the tinder and our activation energy: the sunlight that we will concentrate in one point thanks to water.

Let’s go!!!

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


– Water

– A transparent plastic bag

– Tinder (in this I used sawdust and crushed coal)

No tools!

Step 2: Preparing Tinder

One of the most important things when one wants to ignite a fire is the tinder. That’s 50% of the work.

For this, I used sawdust and crushed coal.

– saw wood and recover the sawdust.

– crush coal.

– mixing

– put in a nest of dry grass, or in a bark for example.

We will now prepare our fresnel lens made of water.

– Put the water in the bag.

– Forming a carrot by twisting 3 of the corners of the bag.

– Tighten the bag to have an almost sphere.

-Now that everything is ready, we can light the fire.

– Hold your sphere of water above your tinder and move it gently in order to obtain a concentration of light in 1 point as bright as possible, almost white.

– When smoke starts to appear do not stop! Continue until there is a lot of smoke.

– Blow gently on your ember.

– Add more  wood bigger and bigger

Now you know how to light a fire with water! Congratulations!

Via   @ Instructables