Page Speed Not Just A Number

I got sidetracked a bit earlier today by what is commonly known as a “clickbait” article, and although I hate the type of site that  you have to click NEXT for the follow-up photo, I was interested in knowing who they thought hadn’t fared well with age, and why, so I thought a few clicks on NEXT wouldn’t change my lifestyle too drastically, and the next thing you know I was agonizing over the time it took for that NEXT to actually appear.  Turns out that gaining weight is the #1 criteria for having aged badly.

I didn’t get to the end of the “article” before I couldn’t take the numerous ads slowing the pages down so terribly and decided knowing that Bridget Bardot wasn’t as foxy at 70 as she was at 21 was something I could live without.


Take a look at these numbers.

It was SO slow, I decided to find out just HOW slow so I went and ran the URL at GTMetrix.  I wasn’t really surprised by the results.  The number of requests is due, I’m sure, to the number of advertisements they have on the page.  I’m not saying that I’ll never have any ads on my site, but I sure as hell won’t have so many that they hinder someone from wanting to ever return.  I’ll never go back to this particular site, and I happened on it accidentally anyway.  I just had a weak moment.   What really surprised me though about this site, and it was something I’d never seen before, was the intermission between NEXTS so you could pay proper homage to their “sponsors.”  When I left the site there were no less than 6 pop-under ads open.  How are they making any money at all? If they’d lose some of the dead weight and speed their site up a bit I’m fairly certain they’d have a better chance of return visits.  I imagine their bounce rate is higher than any basketball team.

It did get me to thinking though because it’s been quite a while since I’ve paid any serious attention to my own site and I thought I’d be fair and go see what speed I was getting here.

Holy hell!  It really has been some time since I’ve paid much attention here.  The common rule of thumb is 3 seconds that a visitor to a website will wait before looking elsewhere for whatever it was they arrived there for,  to begin with.  I think that number is a bit low because I’ll wait at least 5 myself, or longer if there’s something I really want or need to know; like being shown Jack Nicholson doesn’t look like he did when he starred in Easy Rider.

Anyone that actually knows me, though, and knows that I maintain and put all of my own sites together, knows that I’m anal when it comes to page speed.  I’ve created sites for quite a few people and I’m never happy until I can reach a speed I don’t mind waiting on myself.

There are many things that can slow a site down other than advertisement and are easily avoidable.  Allowing your site to sit basically abandoned for a few months at a time never fails and by far the biggest culprit that I know of is social media.  The sharing and liking applications for each different social media site slows things down a fair bit no matter how they’re loaded and Facebook is the biggest snail of them all.  Knowing this, the first thing I did to rectify those horrible numbers was take off the app I had for sharing my Facebook page,  The World According to Draggon. I then disabled and deleted every plugin and theme that I’m not using on here and checked to see how files were being loaded etc.


Time well spent wouldn’t you say?


Time To Start Writing Again

I’ve spent so much time away from blogging, being on Facebook that it feels a bit abnormal to be actually forming sentences of more than a few terse words to complement an image.  I’m not your normal poster there either because I do make quite a few of my own images. I even have a card creator site where all the templates I made using Corel Paint Shop Pro. I had the aid of some really nice art, but it all had to be manipulated and changed to suit the media. You can only make so many memes before it all becomes a bit blase and you find yourself reaching for something that’s even slightly amusing or witty and hasn’t been done over and over again in a multitude of ways.


I do some web editing too and I’m busy right now helping some people get a new Social Media website going and helping with a few other projects but that’s actual work, and I’ve come to find that I miss writing. I’m no EL James and thank heaven for that, because as far as I’m concerned she’s not very good at her craft, despite the millions she’s raked in, and I’m not particularly great with grammar, but I have things to say, and I like saying them. Whether it interests anyone or not I don’t really care; I’m writing for myself.

I have a meme site too, did I mention that? LOL

What really started this newfound ambition to start writing again was a trip I made on the Wayback Machine. One of my older blogs from 2005 has been captured a few hundred times there, and I started reading what I had written then and how I interacted with other people who did the same and I realized I missed it, and it was a pleasure to see people expressing themselves with whole words. Despite the long passage of time, I still have friends from those years that have blogs and I think it will be nice to get back in closer touch with them.

So there you have it. I don’t have a strict agenda, or a specific focus, although I’ll probably post some graphics from time to time. I fool around with animated gifs on occasion so I’ll probably post some of those occasionally, and every now and then, I actually have something that’s worth taking a look at and understanding.

Check in from time to time and see if you agree.


Facebook Has No Shame When It Comes To Advertising Dollars

Facebook has retained to aid in their fight against fake news stories in your timeline, which goes hand in hand with what they claim is their strict stance on “clickbait” posts. I personally have never been bothered by the so-called “clickbait” because the few that I did click on delivered nothing more than I’d expected.

To not understand that those types of posts are intentionally worded to entice a reader to click on the link and find out more, is incomprehensible to me.  How can people be so damned stupid as to not understand that it’s a come on?   And not ALL of those types of posts are a wasted click, and if they were, so what?  You should have enough sense to know if you want to click a link or not and if you don’t, you shouldn’t be on Facebook or any other site that may rely on its user’s intelligence to keep the site viable for further growth.


Some of the stories offered were interesting or cute or funny, but the one thing they all had in common was that they took your attention off of Facebook for a few moments and also away from THEIR advertising modules, and here we arrive at the reason for this post.

Thousands of Fan Pages were removed from Facebook with no reason being given to owners, they were just removed, and for the most part, when page appeals were made, they were also denied.  The one thing that most of the pages removed had in common was that they posted “clickbait” links.

Now I’m sure some of you are more than happy not to see those posts in your newsfeeds any longer,  but if you were, you would still know it was a matter of personal choice whether you should click the link button and find out just what was going  on at the other end.

I found the following just about 15 minutes ago on the sidebar of a group I admin in, and with the recent deaths of Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher, I thought, oh no, not her as well when I saw it was Sally Fields they were claiming to have “passed” in a sponsored Facebook ad that didn’t even lead to the domain listed on the ad;  but was redirected to another where it was clear that Sally Fields hadn’t “passed,”was just fine,  and even better, as she and the hosts and everyone else involved with selling some very expensive miracle wrinkle cream, would all be getting a cut of the pie I’d been misled to come taste.  I’d rather have seen the fire hot ball bearing hit floral foam. That would have at least given me a few moments of entertainment rather than pissing me off when I see Facebook doing everything down to the T that they have removed Fan Pages for and tried to act holier than thou about.

Ads are reviewed before they are allowed to run and if they are inappropriate or deemed to be outside of the realm of genuine business concerns are not allowed to be published.  SUPPOSEDLY.  There is absolutely no way in hell you can convince me that a reviewer saw that ad for publication, bot or not, and if the latter couldn’t pick up on the keywords to determine exactly what type of an ad it was, surely a human should have.   I would have realized it was bullshit myself if I hadn’t been operating on maybe 4 hours of sleep and the fact that it just seemed logical, the rate celebrities have been dying off this year.  I would have realized too that the image below that of Sally was a product, and was part of the ad, but it’s done pretty cleverly, (another thing FB wouldn’t have missed) but obviously allows, due to the profit from advertising.

I think you’re a money grubbing hypocrite Mark Zuckerberg and your vision of a new world bringing people together seems more like a plan to keep the sheep in line and paying for your ego, or perhaps some more psychological tests you can apply to unsuspecting members without their permission. You’re just a college kid that got lucky and an ass to boot. Quit acting like a saviour when it’s clear you’ve set up in the temple.