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An Average Citizen’s Views On The Southern Border

I may not necessarily be an “average” citizen, as I’m also a Texan and living in a state directly affected daily by what is happening on our border with Mexico gives me a closer insight into the impact of present policy more than someone living in a non-border state. I consider myself to be average in every other way.

A lot has been said about the current administration’s policies being directly responsible for the increased flow of Fentanyl into the United States and the deaths that increase has caused, insofar as illegal immigrants being the direct reason for the rising numbers.  Facts show that the majority of Fentanyl entering the United States is smuggled in by our own citizens through legal ports of entry in coordination with cartels and transnational criminal groups.

Those facts normally fail to mention that  the drain on resources caused by the enormous influx of those seeking asylum is also hugely responsible.  Agents who might otherwise be concentrating on investigating drug trafficking are dealing with inordinate numbers of migrants.

Here are a few facts you might find interesting.  I did at least. Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his running partner in early August of 2020.  He then, after inauguration in 2021, named her in March of the same year to lead efforts to slow migration across the U.S.-Mexico border.  As of today, I fail to see that that was an intelligent choice, as it doesn’t seem that she’s done anything at all to accomplish the task she was given.

What’s interesting about that?  On June 18th of 2020, just a little shy of two months before being chosen as Biden’s running mate and nine months before being given the job of exercising control over the southern border. Bill S.4011 Immigration Enforcement Moratorium Act was introduced  by Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts. There were four co-sponsors of this bill, one of which was Kamala Harris, then Democratic senator from California.  The bill has gone no further since its introduction, but the text of the bill is what makes this interesting, particularly in light of one of its co-sponsors being put at the helm of border control.

And this-   Criminal Noncitizen Statistics Fiscal Year 2023

Just an opinion from an average citizen.