There’s A Catalog For The Whole Earth?

Janis Jopline 3
When I was a teenager growing up in the seventies you were just not “hep” if you didn’t own a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog, along with a copy of Siddhartha and The Teachings of Don Juan. I, of course, considered myself to be pretty hep and I not only owned a copy, I actually read it, and in a sidebar on each page there was a story that ended on the final page. I don’t remember much about that story, but I do remember one thing from it that stuck in my mind. I’m sure I have this all wrong but I’m going to try to explain it as best I can. You must realize that the seventies were quite some time ago, and I often was under the influence of mind altering drugs, so take what I’m about to relate with a grain of salt.
As best I can recall one part was about two people sitting inside of a red tent and discussing if the tent were to be taken down and put up again in another spot, would the space it presently occupied be the same, because even though it had been moved, the atmosphere inside was still the same. OR something like that! LMAO It’s been a long time.
My whole point in relating that little bit is that even though I’m not online and not writing this right before it’s posted, but writing it ahead of time so it will seem like I’m online, AM I online in the same space? It’s occupying the same space isn’t it? So it’s the same as if I’m really here, right?

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