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Dear Folly,

My question is should I leave my outdoor Christmas lights up or should I take them down after Christmas and if so, when?
I have always taken them down after New Years but I see a number of homes with them still up in July, is this, as Martha would say, a good thing? I will be guided by your advice since I have always found it to be flawless.
Thank you,
Knot Lay Z.
Dear Knot,
I must first begin by telling you that I’m quite unfamiliar with this Martha person you mention, unless you mean the over-rated, over-publicized, overweight, over-annoying, and over egotistical Martha Stewart. If this is the case I then must tell you that I’m unfamiliarxmas lights with her usage of “a good thing” as I can’t stand to listen to her droning monotonous voice.
As you are obviously not a lazy person, I would say by all means remove the Christmas lights from your home within the first few weeks of the New Year. Folly believes that people who leave their lights up year round have no pride in the appearance of their home, or care about the statement that such obvious sloth makes to their neighbors and passer-by. They might as well post a sign on their yard ( next to the painted plywood Santa they’ve not removed either ) saying; “I’m a lazy SOB and I don’t give a shit what you people think.”
This question of yours reminds me of a post Diane made concerning garage sale signs. She was a bit peeved by people who leave garage sale signs up when the sale is over. When she sees a garage sale sign she expects to see a sale at the advertised location but when she arrives the sale is no longer in progress. This not only wastes her time but is also a disappointment. How must little children feel when they see a house with Christmas lights in July and expect Santa to arrive any moment? Not only is it a sign of laziness to leave the lights up it is cruel to the wee ones.
When winter comes and the temperature cools enough to need a coat you don’t leave it on through summer knowing that winter will come again do you?
I hope this answer is sufficient to let you know that your present practice is the right one and should by no means be altered due to your observation of others that don’t have your good taste and pride.
Sincerely yours,


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