Walmart Called ~ Your Taxidermy Is Ready

I don’t know how you feel about taxidermy in general, but it can be done well. My sister is a deer hunter and has a few nice heads on her den wall, but these following pictures I’ve scrounged up- well, bad doesn’t quite cover this awful taxidermy. Also- I can never really look at anything stuffed without thinking about good old Norman Bates in Psycho.

I think this is a bobcat, but I can’t for the life of me understand why he’s cross-eyed.¬†ūüėČ


This won’t be the only time I say this on this post I don’t believe. But WTF???


¬†¬†Just what everyone needs. I don’t know how awful this is as it’s at least inventive.


¬†I don’t think this is what the Doors had in mind with “20th Century Fox”.


 WTF #2  I mean really.  What the hell?

hamster maybe

 Some people are just perverse is my only guess here.

dog meditatingAnd I always thought coyotes were fierce.

coyoteHaving a hard time with this one too.  Another bobcat maybe?

some stuffed animalWhere did his damn mane go? ¬†They could have left him some “pride”.

stuffed lionNow we know the origins of Ebola.

stuffed monkeyThis rabbit looks like it’s trying to lay a too large Easter egg or something.

rabbitI know this is how I’d always want to remember my beloved pet. ¬†SMH

stuffed dog againThis wolf reminds me of a celebrity but I can’t quite put my finger on it. ¬†And wouldn’t want to either.

stuffed wolfI think this might be a hyena but I’m going to go with WTF #3.

hyenaI’d have a big head too if someone loved me enough to stuff me when I died.

stuffed dog 3Simply astonishing. ¬†Someone’s idea of art I suppose.

dog giving birth to a pic

 Whoever said two heads are better than one never saw this rendering.

two headed squirrel

Back off bishes!


And now- the  Pièce de résistance-  LMAO!

thermometer in a squirrel's butt

After having viewed these sometimes morbid atrocities, what do you really think about taxidermy?  Would you ever have one of your favorite pets stuffed like Roy Rogers did with Trigger?

roy rogers stuffed horse trigger Inquiring minds want to know!