Do I Look Like The Cable Guy ?

The-Cable-GuyIf you have a problem with your computer I can usually tell you what’s wrong with it, and if I have the right components and or tools I can probably fix it, be it a software or hardware problem, but I AM NOT A CABLE REPAIRMAN.
Why am I telling you this? Because it’s an easy way for me to blow off steam.  My husband came home from work today and was po’d already because he’s misplaced his Bluetooth headphones (again) and of course I wasn’t able to pull them out of my ass like some perverted magician.  So he starts going through the clothes in the laundry room to see if they were in a pocket and of course they weren’t and the longer he looks the angrier he gets.  He finally takes his guitar and our new puppy and goes out on the deck to blow off some of his own steam. I know though that he’s thinking that some way, some how, it’s my fault he’s lost these headphones again for the umpteenth time.
He finishes playing for a while and gets the puppy and they come back inside and he goes and takes a shower and when he’s finished I make him a plate of spaghetti and he sits down in his recliner to eat and watch some TV.  OK great, storm’s passed, I see the clouds breaking up on the horizon so I get my laptop and go into the bedroom to do some work on a site.  Not ten minutes pass and he starts screaming, literally screaming, for me to come and fix the damn cable.  I go into the living room and inform him I am not the cable guy, what is it he wants me to do… and for this seemingly obvious remark I get called a smart ass.  Whatever.
I pick up the remote and turn the cable ON.  Seems he was trying to turn the channel and accidentally turned the cable off so of course that was a good reason for assuming it was broken and that I should know how to fix it, which, go figure, I did.  I’m great at turning things on.  Should have seen me twenty years ago. 🙂


  1. ” I’m great at turning things on. Should have seen me twenty years ago. ”
    “Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto, not knowing the Lone Ranger had disguised himself as a light switch, turned him on. . . “

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