Orwell Was Only Off By Thirty Years

The book, “1984”, by George Orwell is described as a “dystopian” novel. Dystopia meaning quite the opposite of Utopia, generally referring to a community or society that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. While we have a ways to go to having our every move scrutinized, in our homes and in public, how far away from such a scenario as Orwell penned are we?

Mass surveillance is on the uprise and if you have any doubts of the veracity of that statement, check out Edward Snowden, formerly of the CIA ,and also once employed by independent contractors whose client was the NSA. 




As of July 2013, it was estimated by The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) that there were 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in that country. That’s about 11 to 14 people per camera, also based on estimates by BSIA.  Want to live in jolly old England folks?

Cities all over the United States are attempting to jump on the surveillance bandwagon and dress it in bunting of red, white, and blue claiming such actions are necessary for the safety of the public, and to help the police with their duties, which leads me to the whole reason I started this post. What exactly are the duties of police?  I always thought it was to serve and protect.  It seems more and more to be to harass and arrest.  What gives these men and women the right to overstep boundaries and suffer little or no repercussions over various misdeeds?

The fear of reprisal is my opinion.  This of course is no right, but I believe it’s the reason police misconduct has become rampant. What are those lines from Buffalo Springfield?

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there, Telling me I got to beware.

They have the guns. Remember when you were glad of that fact, if you ever were? Are you still glad? Check this video out-  THIS VIDEO.

It’s about the Jacksonville police implementing a plan to knock on doors WITHOUT WARRANTS and to install new security cameras around the city.  The reasons for the unwarranted visits is purportedlyswat raid to gain information about crimes that have already occurred but if you watch the video you’ll hear a statement about certain property seized.  I’m not saying that this was LEGAL property and not against the law to possess, but certainly the way it was obtained was as illegal as said property, if it was gained through a knock on a door with no warrant.

Of course all the police have to say in order to change their illegal entry into a legal one is that they were concerned for the citizens inside because the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is not a violation of constitutional rights if police break down a citizen’s door, search the home, and confiscate firearms, so long as they believe it is in the citizen’s best interest.

Who’s going to protest?  Not many I don’t think because of what? Fear of reprisal.  Immediate or otherwise.

Let them shitcan the Second Amendment why don’t we?  They’ll be the only ones with the rights to guns then, and when you’ve finally realized that camera wasn’t actually there for your protection, and the friendly neighborhood cop is a thing of the past, and is now there to keep you under control, you might wish you’d had less fear of reprisal and spoken up when you began to realize “1984” was a bit more than a dystopian novel.


Do I Look Like The Cable Guy ?

The-Cable-GuyIf you have a problem with your computer I can usually tell you what’s wrong with it, and if I have the right components and or tools I can probably fix it, be it a software or hardware problem, but I AM NOT A CABLE REPAIRMAN.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s an easy way for me to blow off steam.  My husband came home from work today and was po’d already because he’s misplaced his Bluetooth headphones (again) and of course I wasn’t able to pull them out of my ass like some perverted magician.  So he starts going through the clothes in the laundry room to see if they were in a pocket and of course they weren’t and the longer he looks the angrier he gets.  He finally takes his guitar and our new puppy and goes out on the deck to blow off some of his own steam. I know though that he’s thinking that some way, some how, it’s my fault he’s lost these headphones again for the umpteenth time.

He finishes playing for a while and gets the puppy and they come back inside and he goes and takes a shower and when he’s finished I make him a plate of spaghetti and he sits down in his recliner to eat and watch some TV.  OK great, storm’s passed, I see the clouds breaking up on the horizon so I get my laptop and go into the bedroom to do some work on a site.  Not ten minutes pass and he starts screaming, literally screaming, for me to come and fix the damn cable.  I go into the living room and inform him I am not the cable guy, what is it he wants me to do… and for this seemingly obvious remark I get called a smart ass.  Whatever.

I pick up the remote and turn the cable ON.  Seems he was trying to turn the channel and accidentally turned the cable off so of course that was a good reason for assuming it was broken and that I should know how to fix it, which, go figure, I did.  I’m great at turning things on.  Should have seen me twenty years ago. 🙂


The teepee walls were closing in-
You said, “Let’s take a ride.”
So you drove, and I rode
to a spot in the woods
and we walked until we sat.
On a log straddled facing
you kissed me and asked,
“Just how liberal are you?”
So we stood and then strolled
to a space in the trees
where the pine needles softened the ground;
and we touched and undressedteepee
made jokes about getting caught.
But all that was there
was your lust and my own,
the sun sifting through the leaves.
Just a short time we spent
but I felt gratified;
the ache of my thighs
and the ever so tiny scratches on my back.
You talked a little
of the land you might buy
and the cabin to be built there.
I laughed when you said
I could help build,
seeing as how we get along so well in the woods.

There's A Catalog For The Whole Earth?

Janis Jopline 3
When I was a teenager growing up in the seventies you were just not “hep” if you didn’t own a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog, along with a copy of Siddhartha and The Teachings of Don Juan. I, of course, considered myself to be pretty hep and I not only owned a copy, I actually read it, and in a sidebar on each page there was a story that ended on the final page. I don’t remember much about that story, but I do remember one thing from it that stuck in my mind. I’m sure I have this all wrong but I’m going to try to explain it as best I can. You must realize that the seventies were quite some time ago, and I often was under the influence of mind altering drugs, so take what I’m about to relate with a grain of salt.

As best I can recall one part was about two people sitting inside of a red tent and discussing if the tent were to be taken down and put up again in another spot, would the space it presently occupied be the same, because even though it had been moved, the atmosphere inside was still the same. OR something like that! LMAO It’s been a long time.

My whole point in relating that little bit is that even though I’m not online and not writing this right before it’s posted, but writing it ahead of time so it will seem like I’m online, AM I online in the same space? It’s occupying the same space isn’t it? So it’s the same as if I’m really here, right?

Spam Shams

spam fake canned meatYOU, my friend, who I am happy so to have found you on this blogging post when I did do the search Google.

YOU are the happiest new person of great articles I will found. Look familiar to you at all? If so you may very well be having the Spam Shams on the best blog wonderful of good information articles I have read.

Seriously though. Having been around the Internet for quite some time now, and having had various web sites/blogs over the course of the past 20 or so years (at least), I think it would be safe to say that when it comes to spam comments, I’ve seen them all.

When a comment starts out by telling you that you are the next best thing to sliced bread and the greatest writer they’ve seen since their time spent at Shakespeare’s knee, you can be fairly certain that the user name is going to contain a link to some sort of product they’re promoting and trying to push past your egocentric eyes.

Who doesn’t like to hear a bit of praise now and again?  Especially when it comes from a complete stranger who is so intelligent that they’re able to recognize your genius on a post about tongue depressors being made from wood.

No one could have said it better, and now that I’ve convinced you of your greatness please ignore the fact that there is not only a link in my user name, but ten or more strewn throughout the rest of this largely incomprehensive comment.  After the largesse due such a wondrous wordsmith as yourself, what generally follows is just common claptrap.  As you’re basking in the glow of such praise,  you are also too blinded by it that you don’t even read the rest of the comment,  so allow it to slip by, and actually reply! Congrats! You have just been Spam Shammed.

I figured this little game out very quickly as I know my limitations.  When I found such unwarranted praise awaiting me in moderation, I knew it to be highly suspicious.  Any comment from someone whose user name contains a link in it somewhere is a spammer. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

While I have Askimet, every site owner’s friend installed, and it continues to do the miraculous job of tracking and catching spam as it’s always done, I don’t have it set to automatically trash what it finds as spam comments, because on a very rare occasion it will capture a real comment, so I keep mine set to keep all comments in moderation until I manually delete them.  Sometimes they’re just really funny to read too.

I love the ones that tell you what a great webmaster you are and could you let them know how you ever managed to make your site load faster than Superman ever thought of jetting to Krypton and back.  The thing with that is half of the people on the Internet now wouldn’t know a webmaster if it reached up and bit them on the ass.

ANYONE can claim to be a webmaster these days as long as they have just a little technical knowledge and the ability to download WordPress or some other CMS.  Won’t someone know they didn’t construct said site from scratch, coding php and writing HTML and or CSS or whatever format a template is constructed with?  Want to take off all references to someone else’s hard ass work and brains?

There’s a plugin for that. Of course those plugins usually aren’t free, but when you’re charging someone an arm and a leg (which they expect, after all, you’re GREAT), the relatively low cost of a premium plugin is peanuts.

I have a free one that I use to skin my login pages.  Not because I don’t want to give credit to WordPress, but because I have a totally anal compulsion to have everything match.  I also like to be able to replace their link with one of my own to another site, or a favorite post.  They have a link in my footer and that’s good enough.  I’m never reticent to tell anyone about my choice of site platforms.

There is a profligate number of new sites appearing recently and I guess that was bound to happen the way technology moves forward.  That and the increasing number of new domains available, and some poor schmucks who think  they can parlay their Facebook Fan Pages into riches.  THAT is a whole other post, but my point is that new site owners are often very inexperienced and if they haven’t had an actual webmaster set up their sites for them so that they never have to worry about getting a spam comment, will boundless be taken in by some of the spam shammer’s techniques.

I’d like to interject here before I go farther that I think you CAN be a webmaster and make use of CMS at the same time.  Please don’t send hate mail.

Now! Let’s take a look at a few actual comments.

You could certainly see your skills within the article you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

Hello there, just changed into alert to your weblog thru Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate in case you continue this in future. Numerous people can be benefited from your writing.

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I REALLY love this next one.  SMH

Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

If you don’t know any better that last one might make you hit the approve button.  What did all of these comments I’ve copied here from another site I don’t own, but do manage, have in common other than their blatant flattery?  Links in the user name. Every Single One.  SO, if you are new to blogging, site ownership, or any other type of endeavor on the Internet where you have reason to have comments, and you have those turned on, remember that little rule of thumb and if you manually remove or approve your comments, it will help you to scan through them quickly.

I am gladly with hoping you reading my wonderful posts.  😉

Tastes Like Moo-Cow

You know, I was driving along today and saw a cow wandering in a pasture, and I thought to myself,prime rib

“aw, he’s cute… but I’d still eat him”.

Then, it was like I could actually taste a charbroiled steak on my palette as I imagined which part of the cow that piece of meat came from.

I don’t know how anybody in their right mind could pass up a nice, juicy, tender piece of meat.

Okay, so I’m not comfortable with eating just any kind of meat – I typically stick to the meats I know – but I still eat the stuff in general.

How can anyone not like the flavour and texture? I just don’t get it.

I mean, I have a vegetarian relation and it drives me crazy when she quivers every time meat comes near her. She’s eaten meat in her past, although she never really enjoyed it, but come on, what’s not to enjoy?

Bah, oh well. I guess it just means there’s more meat for me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain so much about those vegitarts.

Show Me The Light

Dear Folly,

My question is should I leave my outdoor Christmas lights up or should I take them down after Christmas and if so, when?

I have always taken them down after New Years but I see a number of homes with them still up in July, is this, as Martha would say, a good thing? I will be guided by your advice since I have always found it to be flawless.

Thank you,

Knot Lay Z.

Dear Knot,

I must first begin by telling you that I’m quite unfamiliar with this Martha person you mention, unless you mean the over-rated, over-publicized, overweight, over-annoying, and over egotistical Martha Stewart. If this is the case I then must tell you that I’m unfamiliarxmas lights with her usage of “a good thing” as I can’t stand to listen to her droning monotonous voice.

As you are obviously not a lazy person, I would say by all means remove the Christmas lights from your home within the first few weeks of the New Year. Folly believes that people who leave their lights up year round have no pride in the appearance of their home, or care about the statement that such obvious sloth makes to their neighbors and passer-by. They might as well post a sign on their yard ( next to the painted plywood Santa they’ve not removed either ) saying; “I’m a lazy SOB and I don’t give a shit what you people think.”

This question of yours reminds me of a post Diane made concerning garage sale signs. She was a bit peeved by people who leave garage sale signs up when the sale is over. When she sees a garage sale sign she expects to see a sale at the advertised location but when she arrives the sale is no longer in progress. This not only wastes her time but is also a disappointment. How must little children feel when they see a house with Christmas lights in July and expect Santa to arrive any moment? Not only is it a sign of laziness to leave the lights up it is cruel to the wee ones.

When winter comes and the temperature cools enough to need a coat you don’t leave it on through summer knowing that winter will come again do you?

I hope this answer is sufficient to let you know that your present practice is the right one and should by no means be altered due to your observation of others that don’t have your good taste and pride.

Sincerely yours,


Help! My Baby’s In The Storm Drain!

That’s what the woman told the 911 operator on her final call. The first several calls the baby was a cat.

It seems that a cat in a storm drain doesn’t really draw the attention desired so the owner of the cat thought she’d change the truth up a bit. When no one arrived after the first calls to rescue her cat, she called again and told them her “baby” was in a storm drain. The 911 operator asked her how old the baby was and she told them that “baby” was two. This of course brought a flurry of help, 35 firemen and rescue workers to be exact, and when they rescued the “baby” and put two and two together with the other calls and the fact this “baby” meowed and had fur, the woman was charged with making a false report, a Class B misdemeanor.

Now she’s saying it wasn’t her that called, it was her 12 year old daughter. PULEASE!

Mother Daughter Connection

My daughter, Stephanie, normally keeps in fairly close touch with me and calls at least every other day. You might say then that what just now happened is not that unusual but it happens way too often to be coincidental as far as I’m concerned.

The boys have a bad habit of leaving the phone wherever they finished their last conversation. They’ll get a call and then go wandering from room to room with the phone and then if they’re in the kitchen when their conversation ends, they’ll leave the phone on the counter or the kitchen table. They’ll leave it on their bed, on the floor by their bed, under their bed, you name it.HandSetBwShadow

A few minutes ago I asked my son Sam, “Where’s the phone?” He said, “I don’t know” which is usually what they tell me, and then the next instant, the phone rang so it was easy to trace to the kitchen where whoever had it last left it. Who should be on the other end but Stephanie? This happens ALL the time. I’ll be in here on the computer, or watching television or be involved in any number of activities when I’ll think, where’s the phone, and within minutes of having the thought it will ring and Stephanie will be there.