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I’ve had Connect to Facebook, Login With Facebook, Comment With Facebook, yada yada yada, and on and on ad infinitum ever since they came out with an application to make it easy to connect from there to a blog or other website, and I have never had anything but trouble with those items working correctly, or not at all, or slowing down load speed of the page dramatically, so guess what boys and girls? If I have anyone visits this site from Facebook, hopefully it will be because they are either my friends, or have had some sort of experience with me as an admin on TWATA, and if that’s the case then you are smart enough to click REGISTER,

Looks Like This ^^^^^^

and put in your email and a username to create an account.

I’m pretty certain that’s how I did it when I first signed up with FB so I’m sure the fact that I chose page speed over laziness or indifference won’t be too hard a pill to swallow. With that being said, I hope to hell some of you at least come and visit me here from there because I am lessening my time spent there daily. I was a blogger when blogging wasn’t cool. LMAO Good God- Look at the date on the t-shirt of my avatar, and I’d been doing this before there WERE avatars. Well at least gravatar avatars. 😉 Whoever you are, however you got here, WELCOME, and get over to Dead Guy, we need players.

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