Game Of Thrones Returns

Yay, I cry wholeheartedly, yay! Game of Thrones returns April 6 for Season 4 and it would be a great birthday gift for my sister Leah whose birthday is the same day, if she watched the show, but I’m fairly certain she doesn’t. I didn’t watch it at one time either. I had preconceived notions about what it may have been about without doing any real research into it because I was already biased due to Facebook statuses I had seen in reference to this episode or another. Several made reference to “Off to watch Game of Porn, errr, I mean Thrones”, (wonder who that could have been), so that told me all I thought I needed to know.

I generally love that sort of thing too; I’m hooked on The Mists of Avalon and other books of that genre, such as T.E. White’s “The Once And Future King”, Heath Ledger’s inspired performance in A Knight’s Tale, even Julie Andrews in Camelot, I am after all a Draggon, but Game of Thrones? No thanks, or that’s what I thought until I was really bored one night and tired of Bingo and Facebook games and I happened to bypass the title in my iPad app for Xfinity TV and I decided that a few minutes wouldn’t hurt, so I found the first season and started watching, and I kept watching until all three seasons had run their course. I don’t even think I cooked dinner the second day.

I have anxiously been awaiting this upcoming date so I cry yay! I even broke down and spent some of my treasured Audible credits on the first book in the series by George R.R. Martin, I was experiencing withdrawals so bad.

 I was told by a recent new friend on Facebook that if I loved the show that I would adore the books and as I don’t have that much time to read lately, I opted for the Audible version, and I must say that she was correct, the book is excellent and the show is much in keeping to the original storyline, but I can’t say as how I am particularly thrilled with this certain actor’s rendition of the spoken word. His narration may grow on me though as I’ve had that happen a few times with different Audible titles.

Be that as it may, now April has something more to look forward to in it, other than a tax return and my sister’s birthday. Game of Porn, errr, Thrones returns!

(BTW- thanks Jean Grey Romack for the book suggestion.)