I don’t know which of my readers also know that I have a mean, sometimes funny sarcastic streak running through me, but if you do then you may also know I admin on one of the funniest and smartest FaceBook Fan Pages out there, The World According To Atlas.  It is not for faint of heart and I can be quite the bitch when commenting occasionally..


I made a post the other day there  just for grins, I mean that IS after all what we’re supposed to be doing, and it was a simple text that said, “Ted Nugent for President”.  As you may well imagine there were quite a few different opinions about the man and someone commented saying that it HAD to be a joke, I couldn’t be serious. I hadn’t been at the time I posted it but when I saw that,  I gave it a serious answer and said that I can think of a whole lot of other people that would be a much worse choice.  Suffice it to say I had a tempest in a teapot brewing, and there was this one chick that was just so insanely rude and ignorant that I ended up unleashing a few choice replies. Besides, he believes in a lot of the same things I do and he couldn’t be any worse than the one we have at the present.

Long story short, there was a woman that agreed with me and it seems that she sees Ted around every so often and she wanted me to have this hoodie he autographed for her this year and I of course said I couldn’t do that but if she had TWO…  LOL She graciously told me not to worry, that she’d be getting another and asked for my address.

Minnie Mouse Tape

Minnie Mouse Tape

You know damn well I gave it to her and she told me to be expecting something humorous in the wrapping and sure enough it was nearly swaddled in Minnie Mouse tape.  I couldn’t wait to open it and see what old Ted’s autograph looked like and even better than this story, as it IS going to be winter soon, and an extra hoodie will come in handy; it’s GRAY, a color I absolutely love.  A. THORAH,  THANK YOU so much!  I will treasure it forever and listen to Stranglehold and dance around the house thinking about shooting deer while I do.  And butterflies for some very strange reason. 😉TED