And so it starts. LOL Have any of you that have been visiting me over the years known me to be satisfied with the way a theme looks for very long? Hopefully I’ll like this one for a while. I’ve only been through five so far. Of course I probably did that while normal, sane people were sleeping, but I figure that’s the best time so if anyone does happen to drop in or stumble upon this site there won’t be too many strange things occurring.

Remember when I said the other day that every time I want to start seriously blogging again something manages to interfere? I have strep throat. LMAO Yet here I am, even though it may be for just a few, I AM here. Going to the doc’s around 9:30 for some antibiotics and plan on getting this knocked out before it grasps too hard of a hold.

Anywho— like the header? Colors? Hard to read? What? Opinions? Advice? Complaints? 😉