Help! My Baby’s In The Storm Drain!

That’s what the woman told the 911 operator on her final call. The first several calls the baby was a cat.

It seems that a cat in a storm drain doesn’t really draw the attention desired so the owner of the cat thought she’d change the truth up a bit. When no one arrived after the first calls to rescue her cat, she called again and told them her “baby” was in a storm drain. The 911 operator asked her how old the baby was and she told them that “baby” was two. This of course brought a flurry of help, 35 firemen and rescue workers to be exact, and when they rescued the “baby” and put two and two together with the other calls and the fact this “baby” meowed and had fur, the woman was charged with making a false report, a Class B misdemeanor.

Now she’s saying it wasn’t her that called, it was her 12 year old daughter. PULEASE!