It Must Be Awful Lonely In That Deep Dark Abyss

The words of this post title,  “It must be awful lonely in that deep dark abyss,” refer to the message meaning inscribed on the larger image of the thumbnail below and to your left.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Some of you may know that I also post on Facebook as DraggonLlady at TWATA (The World According To Atlas) and much much less often on my own page, Bonfire of the Insanities. I found a great admin some time back when I was spending more time than I had planned on at TWATA in Annie and I just let her run with it. By the time things had seemed to settle down a bit at TWATA and I was able to spend more time on BOTI, I found I didn’t know my own page anymore. I keep telling Annie it’s hers but she doesn’t listen to me. I still post now and again, but it’s HER page, she just doesn’t believe it.  LOL

I not only post on TWATA , I also run Atlas’s website The World According 2 Atlas, and I sometimes post there as Ann Ominous as well, but much, much less often than on the Facebook page of (almost) the same name. Although Atlas was also invited to join a small group of Facebook Page Owners who also have websites and share our website posts amongst ourselves, he hasn’t had the opportunity to offer anything up for sharing so I’m taking matters into my own hands as an admin on his page AND the site, and sharing this particular link myself. The poetry on the artwork is original and written by him, and I’m proud to associate with the man the Facebook world has come to know as Atlas. He has his detractors but that comes I think from being one of the most honest people I have ever met, also one of the funniest,  and I think it’s high time to see if his horizons in the wider reach of the WWW can’t be advanced a bit more than they have to date.

If art isn’t your thing, or poetry, take a look at his menu bar and something may attract you there. The Daily Dose of Dat Ass perhaps…