Time To Start Writing Again

I’ve spent so much time away from blogging, being on Facebook that it feels a bit abnormal to be actually forming sentences of more than a few terse words to complement an image.  I’m not your normal poster there either because I do make quite a few of my own images. I even have a card creator site where all the templates I made using Corel Paint Shop Pro. I had the aid of some really nice art, but it all had to be manipulated and changed to suit the media. You can only make so many memes before it all becomes a bit blase and you find yourself reaching for something that’s even slightly amusing or witty and hasn’t been done over and over again in a multitude of ways.


I do some web editing too and I’m busy right now helping some people get a new Social Media website going and helping with a few other projects but that’s actual work, and I’ve come to find that I miss writing. I’m no EL James and thank heaven for that, because as far as I’m concerned she’s not very good at her craft, despite the millions she’s raked in, and I’m not particularly great with grammar, but I have things to say, and I like saying them. Whether it interests anyone or not I don’t really care; I’m writing for myself.

I have a meme site too, did I mention that? LOL

What really started this newfound ambition to start writing again was a trip I made on the Wayback Machine. One of my older blogs from 2005 has been captured a few hundred times there, and I started reading what I had written then and how I interacted with other people who did the same and I realized I missed it, and it was a pleasure to see people expressing themselves with whole words. Despite the long passage of time, I still have friends from those years that have blogs and I think it will be nice to get back in closer touch with them.

So there you have it. I don’t have a strict agenda, or a specific focus, although I’ll probably post some graphics from time to time. I fool around with animated gifs on occasion so I’ll probably post some of those occasionally, and every now and then, I actually have something that’s worth taking a look at and understanding.

Check in from time to time and see if you agree.