Survival Skills: Personal Sanitation

If the grid goes down and the poop stops going down the toilet, you’re going to want a more sanitary and stable device than a roll of toilet paper stuck on a limb of a nearby tree. ┬áThe bucket toilet is just one of the items on our list of what we see as the bare necessities needed in the event of just such an event.

1~ Bucket toilet

Here are some tips on being prepared for when the S@#t Hits the fan, or not.

Bucket toilet

2~ Toilet paper

Toilet paper

3~ Bidet


4~ Infectious Waste Bags

Infectious Waste Bags

5~ Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

6~ Gloves


7~ Hand soap

Hand soap

8~ Bleach


9~ Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene

10~ Dishwashing soap

Dish washing soap