Uploads Coming

I’ve been involved in a few other things the past few days, hence the lack of actual written word, although I do hope you’ve enjoyed Paolo Ceric’s cool animated gifs. I’ve been messing around in CJ cj-logo-primarythe past hour or two applying for different affiliate programs that have things it looks like I’d want to buy or have use of at good prices but most of them make you wait for a decision, as in “Application Pending”. Some of the advertisers though will decline you immediately and how they know that they don’t want their products on your site by you just clicking a button is beyond me. Maybe they feel they already have enough publishers and that’s how they handle any overflow. Then there are some companies that will accept you right off the bat. That always makes me happy because if I took the time to hit “join program” I wanted to associate with them.

But all of this isn’t getting anything uploaded. I’ve decided that the only thing I’m including with images right now is their title so I can upload more for download in one fell swoop and then will come in during the next day or two and sit down and write descriptions et al. So if you find something you want to download and there’s no extra bells and whistles associated to make it easier for YOUR S.E.O. there will be, and you can always check back.

With that said- I’m going to have dinner! In the famous words of The Terminator, I’ll Be Back!