Dead Guy On The Sidebar Rules

This poor guy has been dead so many places it’s not even funny.  He had his own site for a while and did very well there but I got sick and was unable to keep up, but I’m well now and I want to get this game back going because it can be a lot of fun, and competitive? Damn. I never would have believed.  It’s very very simple to play, though not so easy to solve.  How it works is like this-

        • One question, per person per day, that can be answered with a YES or a NO.  Such as, was he born in Ohio, etc. Was he divorced. You get the picture.
        • One guess per person per day on who the “Dead Guy” is please, if you choose to guess.
        • No exact year of death will be answered, only the decade, such as 1990’s or 2010’s etc.
        • You must guess how the dead person died, that will not be given as an answer as it cannot be answered with Yes or No.
        • All questions are to be made in comments on the parent post.


There will be a list of Dead People that have been guessed posted under another link on the menu at the top of this blog, and those that have guessed them, also some information on each Dead Guy.  (There will also be Dead Chicks and that is the one thing I will let you know at the beginning of each game!)

OK so now what do you get for playing? Not much. LOL  You get a link on this blog to your site or wherever you would like a link pointed and it will be done in a clickable picture of the Dead Guy Crown as seen on the game post. Fame and notoriety. Ha! You get bragging rights and if you actually succeed in guessing TEN different dead people, you also get $15.00 sent to you via PayPal OR as an AMAZON Gift Card, so if you aren’t comfortable giving out that type of information, either just play for fun or don’t expect to receive your prize as I’ll have to know some personal information to send it.  It’s not much of an incentive but it’s something.   So come on, now that you know what the Dead Guy is about, let’s play!