Just Getting Started

Trust me- this isn’t one of my whims where I post a couple of times and then forget about this for a few months, it’s just I’ve had a few busy days helping family get settled with certain things and I haven’t had a chance to do much of anything online.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning and a few things after but come Friday I am putting everything in order here and over at The World According 2 Atlas as well.  A lot of interesting things are planned and I hope after this long hiatus you haven’t lost faith or interest and will check in to see what’s up both here and there.  We’ve got some surprises in store. 🙂 So until then, go play DEAD GUY.  The first person to guess ten correctly wins a $25.00 credit at Amazon.  I know that’s not much but hey, what do you have to lose except a few brain cells?  

Until then- don’t vote for anyone you wouldn’t buy a used car from. LMAO