Chris Is THE MAN!

Ninety-three 90 point and + 90 point rides makes Chris Shivers “THE MAN” most certainly when it comes to bullriding, and having met him four or five times since becoming a fan of the PBR almost ten years ago, I can say he is also a gentleman. He however I believe would kick your ass as soon as look at you if you betrayed the ethics that make him one of the greatest cowboys of all-time.

It saddens me to say that this is the last year anyone will have the opportunity to see him ride, as he has decided to step down while he can still walk.  As many wrecks as he’s been in that’s no small accomplishment.  The boys are on break right now and I’ve been missing them I guess or I wouldn’t be awake right now thinking of one of the greatest ever!  I love you Chris!  This one’s for you 🙂